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LOSE WEIGHT without DRASTIC diet changes !
FATZORB with patented natural ingredients helps you maintain your slimming target :

* NeOpuntia binds up to 30% dietary fats and eliminates them to prevent them from being absorbed into the body.
* Phase@ Carb Controller is an all natural , non-stimulate white kidney beans . Clinically proven to reduce 60% Carbohydrate absorption.
* Applin extract clinically proven to 50% glucose and control appetite.

FATZORB (50 sachets)

$172.00 Regular Price
$136.00Sale Price
  • ** To optimize the action of the active ingredients,let the powder melt on the tongue.

    Step 1 For better effectiveness, for the 14 days , start with two (2) FATZORB sachets , three (3) times daily, immediately after three main meals.

    Step 2 From 15 days and beyond, you can decrease your intake to take one (1) FATZORB  sachet 3 times daily after your three main light meals.However , it is better to take two (2) sachets after a heavy meal