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FATZORB (50 sachets) FREE FLATfast (60 capsules)

FATZORB (50 sachets) FREE FLATfast (60 capsules)


Hi Helen LOSE WEIGHT without DRASTIC diet changes !

  • Key Ingredients and Benefits

    LOSE WEIGHT without DRASTIC diet changes !

    FATZORB with patented natural ingredients helps you maintain your slimming target :

    NeOpuntia binds up to 27.4% dietary fats and eliminates them to prevent them from being absorbed into the body.

    Phase@ Carb Controller is an all natural , non-stimulate white kidney beans . Clinically proven to reduce 78% Carbohydrate absorption.

    Applin extract clinically proven to 60% glucose and control appetite.

    Cinnamom Bark clinically proven to reduce blood glucose levels by up to 20%.

  • Directions for Use

    FatZorb makes weight management easier than ever before thanks to its convenient stick format. It is an ideal tool for losing weight and keeping it off.

    Just take 1 Sachet, 3 times a day after each main meal.

    ** To optimize the action of the active ingredients,let the powder melt on the tongue.

    These sachets are ready to use, so just pour the contents directly in your mouth without any need for water.

    They're easy to slip into handbags and clutch bags - the ideal solution for when you're out.

    With the consumption of Fatzorb, we recommend drinking enough liquid (2L) during the day.

  • Precaution

    Keep in a cool,dry place.Do not exceed suggested daily dose.Seek the advice of a healthcare professional before beginning any diet or exercise program.If you are pregnant,lactating or taking other medications,consult a healthcare professional before using any slimming product

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