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Watch this video and see FatZorb in action

FatZorb Fat Carbs and Glucose Binder

  • Binds up to 28% of dietary fats 

  • Binds up to 78% Carbs

  • Binds up to 60% Glucose

  • Reduces appetite

  • Clinically proven & gentle on your system

  • Only 3 Sachets per day

  • No water needed - pour directly into your mouth *

  • Perfect for when you are on the go

  • Delicious Apple Taste

FatZorb is also certified as a Medical Device Class IIb and IIa - which means it's been clinically tested for both safety and performance.

FATZORB - It Really Works !

NeOpuntia .jpg

Reduce Fat Absorption

Active ingredients, NeOpuntia is 100% natural, patented fiber, certified Organic, It's lipophilic properties enable the reduction of fat absorption and regulate blood lipids level, especially HDL Cholesterol.

How FATZORB works

Take 2 FATZORB after each meal

FATZORB action takes place when dietary fats,carbo & glucose enter the stomach

FATZORB acts as a soluble fibre & interacts with dietary fats,carbo & glucose

FATZORB forms a gel-like complex that binds fats,carbo & glucose, leaving them indgestible.



white kdney beans.jpg

Reduce Carbo Absorption

Active ingredients,Phase2 Carb Controller has been shown in studies to assist in weight loss, maintenance of this lost weight, and improvement in mood.


Green Apple .png

Reduce Glucose Absorption

Active ingredients, phlorizin , an extract from apple, is effective as glucose - blocker. It also helps to control appetite.

Enhance Digestion

Regular intake of Cinnamom may help manage weight by enhancing digestion and stabilizing blood sugar and insulin levels

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