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"SLIMfast improves body metabolism, detoxify my body and improve overall energy, health, and vitality"

Carla Jonas , Super Model

Boost digestive system and Speed up body cleansing 



SLIMfast is a liquid drainer, to dilute in water. It will help you make your detox a success. For its formula, we selected 11 plants well-known for their natural properties.

A combination of plants

High drainer combines rigorously selected plant extracts to bring you detox benefits:

  • Weight loss: Fucus helps in weight loss

  • Green Tea: used for toning effect

  • Detox: artichoke helps detox supporting liver functions.

  • Draining: dandelion, meadowsweet, juniper, and blackcurrant helps renal elimination of water.

Is SLIMfast made for you?

High drainer is for athletes, men, or women, who want to support body detox. It is recommender to athletes aiming for weight or fat loss that an accumulation of toxins could stop.

Recommended Daily portion:

2 to 3 doses of 10ml to be diluted in a glass of water (20cc) to be taken before each meal.

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