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DETOX fast

  • It helps the body to detox

  • It reduces weight and waistline

  • It has a slimming and toning action


DETOX fast is a mixture of 9 ingredients carefully combined to bring you the best slimming benefits:


Developed over 10 years ago, this formula intelligently combines the benefits of black tea leaf, Nopal, cherry stalk, hibiscus flowers, dandelion root, fennel seed, meadowsweet, black elder, and ash tree.

Clinical tests have been conducted on this formula and the result has been very conclusive. The average weight loss for women was -1.93kg in 30 days and for men was -1.76kg. The weight loss was not brutal but regular and gradual which is also recommended by nutritionists. Studies have also shown a "flat stomach" effect with an action on the waist and transit


The incredible fruits of Nopal.

This fruit has been recognized for many years for their actions on massive weight loss. Nopal is a plant from the Cactus family, very popular in Mexican cuisine, and also used in traditional Aztec medicine to reduce gastrointestinal disorders. This robust plant is rich in dietary fiber and decreases the absorption of glucose (sugar). 

Use Advice

Dissolve 2 teaspoonfuls in 200ml water 3 times a day. After or before meals with a large glass of water.

For total efficiency, you are advised to pair the DETOXfast with BURNfast

We recommend that you continue taking it continuously throughout the 18-day program.


It cannot replace a varied and balanced diet. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Store away from light and in a clean, dry place. Not intended for children, pregnant, or breastfeeding women. Use in people on anti-diabetic treatment is not recommended. Contains caffeine.

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