• What is FATZORB ?


  • FATZORB, what's in it ?


  • How much FATZORB sachets would I take daily ?


  • Should I take FATZORB witrh water ?


  • When can I see weight loss after taking FATZORB ?


  • Is FATZORB safe to use if I have High Blood Pressure and Diabetes ?


  • I am on prescribed medications. Can I still take FATZORB ?


  • Can I take FATZORB when I am pregnant ?


  • Can I take FATZORB long term ?




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It is a fat , carbohydrates and glucose binder; this means it provides a fibre that fat,carbo and glucose will stick to. After that , it will be excreted out of the body.This means that your body DOES NOT have to absorb ALL the fat (produce fat cells) , carbo and glucose , like it normally would. 

What is FATZORB ?

FATZORB , what's in it ?

Being 100% natural and organic, FATZORB , in powder form , is made from the 3 main patented ingredients.


1) Prickly pear cactus (Neopuntia) which has been used by the South American population for generations, for weight loss and other health benefits It has the ability to binds fat and excretes it out of your body before it can turn into fat cells within your body. It can binds up to 28% of fat entering the body.


2) A natural ingredient derived from white kidney bean reduces the absorption of carbohydrates (Phase 2 Carb Controller). It acts as on amylase abd has been clinically shown to reduce the digestion and absorption of starches up to 66%


3) A patented natural extract of apple (Appl'ln) inhibits glucose transport,significantly decreasing blood glucose concentration and aids in satiety (control appetite). 

How much FATZORB sachets would I take daily ? 



For better effectiveness,for the first 14 days,start with two (2) FATZORB sachets , three (3) times daily,IMMEDIATELY after your three main meals. Do not snack after dinner or between meals.


From 15 days and beyond, you can decrease your intake to one (1) FATZORB sachet 3 times daily after your three light meals.However , it is better  to take two (2) sachets after a heavy meal.

Should I take FATZORB with water ?

To optimize the action of the active ingredients, take FATZORB directly from sachet and let the powder melt on the tongue. 

When can I see weight loss after taking FATZORB ?

No body is the same. You will see weight loss. However the time frame can range from very fast  (2 weeks) to up to 3 months to see results. So don't lose faith if it does not happen the very day you start FATZORB.

Is FATZORB safe to use if I have Hight Blood Pressure and Diabetes ?

Yes ! Since this is a fat, carbo and glucose binder, as well as a supplement. This means that the binding may also help your blood pressure and cholesterol level, as well as decrease your glusose concentration and help you lose weight ! 

I am on prescribed medications. Can I still take FATZORB ?

Generally, it is safe to consume FATZORB with presribed medications. However,in case you are on medications,we recommend that you should not consume any medication two hours before and after your take FATZORB. 


Can I take FATZORB when I am pregnant ?

Clinical studies have not been done to establish if FATZORB is 100% safe to take during pregnancy. That is why we DO NOT recommend customers to use FATZORB when pregnant.

Can I use take FATZORB long-term ?

FATZORB is 100% safe for long-term use. You can use the product as long as it takes for you to achieve the weight-loss goals that you had set for yourself.

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