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Natural Body Purifier (60 capsules)

Natural Body Purifier (60 capsules)



  • Key Ingredients and Benefits

    • Help boost overall digestive health

    • Help reduce intestinal gas and bloating

    • Help relief constipation

    • Help support the immune system and 
general well-being

    • Help minimize travel associated 
stomach and digestive issues.

    Natural BodyPurifier unique formula has anti-bacterial effect on our digestive flora,aids empty stool and toxins of bowel, relief constipation and abdomen discomfort. It detoxify the body,purify blood and internal organs.

    • The prebiotics effect Actilight keeps us digest our food,absorb the nutrients,and keep our immune systems healthy.
    • Prebiotics Fibrulose (from chicory roots) nourishes the good bacteria already in our large intestine. It acts aas a fertilizer for the good bacteria.
    • It also increases the amount of beneficial bacteria in the lower intestine, thus stabilize and neutralize gas to reduce unpleasant bloating,help sculpt the waistline.

    You will feel much lighter and enjoy a more graceful silhouette.

  • Directions for Use

    2 capsules in the morning and noon with a glass of water,better if on an empty stomach or before meal.

  • Precautions

    Keep in a cool,dry place place.Do not exceed suggested daily dose. Seek the advice of a healthcare professional before beginning any diet or exercise program. If you are pregnant,lactating or taking other medications,consult a healthcare professional before using any slimming product.

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